Xth’uoth The Aberrant Realm Mod 1.7.10 and 1.7.2

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Xth’uoth The Aberrant Realm Mod 


Do you love the well-known Thaumcraft mod? Perhaps you would love a cool and surreal latest dimension for this mod? This is the perfect mod addon for you! This is the Xth’uoth The Aberrant Realm Mod for Minecraft. This fascinating mod offers a cool new dimension to go to that is the same as The End or The Nether.  You will discover cool latest blocks and mobs and much more to consider about!

If you like Thaumcraft and discovering new realms in Minecraft, make sure to download and install Xth’uoth The Aberrant Realm Mod right from today!

 Main Features

  • Offered crystals and geodes.
  • Plants that emit light and offer you poison resistance.
  • A totally new realm to discover!

How to Use :

  • Install as follows in the guidelines below.
  • Gather Crystals and craft 4 into a Crystal Lamina.
  • Surround an Ender Pearl with Lamina to make a Rift Catalyst.
  • To access the new dimension, bind yourself to a “tainted node” and throw a Rift Catalyst at it.

Xth'uoth The Aberrant Realm Mod

Xth'uoth The Aberrant Realm Mod

 Pros and Cons


  1. A cool latest expansion for Thaumcraft that offers you a new items and mobs in an entire new realm!


  1. The new dimension is quite barren presently but it does give new mobs and items.


  • Updated to operate with the newest version of Minecraft.
  • Offered new dimension ID config file.

How to Install :

  1. Go to Start Menu, enter contant %appdata% in and look for .minecraft
  2. Download and install Forge
  3. Download and install Thaumcraft
  4. Navigate to your .minecraft / mods folder (if you haven’t had one already, open Minecraft after installing Forge and it will make one)
  5. Download the Xth’uoth The Aberrant Realm Mod and place into the newly made Mods folder
  6. Open minecraft and you are ready to play!

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